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Looking For Work 101

Our economy is in tough shape, with a large number of people out of work. Searching for jobs is depressing and difficult. But keep banging away. You will find another job. 

Here are some guidelines that I think work.
Things to do:

Work as hard at getting the new job as you did at your old job – or harder.

Post your resume on Linked in
It is a good resource and a way to link with prospective employers and a way to show them your abilities and interests.

Write on blogs on topics that are of interest to prospective employers and you - free and easy or

Get on – job oriented efforts - free and easy.

Get on - but stay all business.

Post your resume to a blog - easy and shows you are "high tech" - example - my resume 

Network Network Network

Let your friends and professional acquaintances know you are looking for work.

Set yourself up as a consultant – it is an effective way to look for a job. Allows you to cold call Village and Cities. Start with your friends. Don't ask them directly for work - ask if they know of anything out there. Get better with cold calls with your friends.

Call on prospective employers.

Cold Call – This is hard, but necessary.  Don’t just send your resume – send yourself.  This is hard to do, but does let you get out and about.

Set up a little one person consulting firm doing what you know how to do. This lets you cold call - you visit your targeted company proposing to do a little sideline work for them - can work into a full time job. My example:

You can do some pro bono volunteer work to keep yourself in the gameand establish a work record and build a reputation.

Read some books about finding jobs.

You can always go further in school - get the MA or MBA.

Searching for work is depressing. If it gets too bad, get professional help.

Set the alarm clock every day - Get up and work out or take a vigorous walk - then start working.

Motivate yourself.  PUMP UP !! GET IT DONE!!

Work with other people also working for work. Misery loves company. But make it positive.

Don’t give up – this too shall pass


I know most about jobs for city managers, planners and economic development specialists, but most of the recommendations here would work for any office job.  Here are a few links that list some jobs.


Are you currently unemployed?

APA-IL is looking at ways to assist our fellow unemployed planners.

To find out more, e-mail Paula Freeze at

Want to know how you can get your job opening posted on the Illinois APA website?

Click here to find out!



Social Marketing 101

First Create your Blog, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter

Then write the Entry on a Blog - Example

Then write a short blast on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, sending people to your blog.

My Examples - And I am older then dirt - If I can do it - you can. So easy even a Cave Man can do it.

How I use Social Marketiing on the link below:


Please send me good job links, and I will add to this blog. Or if you have some more effective approaches to looking for work, please send them to me, and I will add them to the blog.

Good Luck in Your Job Search. 

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